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Golf Ball Clamshell Packaging Containers

Golf Ball Clamshell Packaging Containers

Our golf ball clamshells are specifically designed for the packaging of used, second chance and other specialty golf balls. Select golf ball clamshell containers to fit as few as three golf balls to as many as 48.* Three different styles include a typical flat bottom clamshell, a rounded bottom clamshell container, and the popular egg carton style which minimizes movement of the balls in the clamshell.

Balls and tees are not included with the purchase of these containers.

Golf ball clamshells are sold in full box quantities only.

The list at the bottom of this page is our line of stock clamshells produced especially for golf balls and details are provided by clicking an item in the list. Four additional designs are stocked and can be used for golf balls. You can view the details of these four items by following these links:

  • 275TF     Pack of 4
  • 300TF     Pack of 12
  • 405TF     Pack of 6
  • 903TF     Pack of 48*
VisiPak also manufactures Golf Ball tube containers. If you can't find what you need in our store,
view more options for our tubes and containers or, call us for more information at 800-949-1141.

Click a part number for pricing information.

All dimensions are approximate.  Manufacturing tolerances are available upon request.

Part # Product Name
103-1TF Golf Ball Clamshell 103-1TF 3-ball Egg Carton Bottom
103-2TF Golf Ball Clamshell 103-2TF 3-Ball Round Bottom
103-LARGETF Golf Ball Clamshell 103-Large 3-Ball Double Hang Hole
112-1TF Golf Ball Clamshell 112-1TF 12-Ball Egg Carton Bottom
118-1TF Golf Ball Clamshell 118-1TF 18-Ball Egg Carton Bottom
118-2TF Golf Ball Clamshell 118-2TF 18-Ball Flat Bottom Style Container
124TF Golf Ball Clamshell 124TF 24-Ball Flat Bottom Clamshell Container

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