Flexible Bottom

Flexible Bottom ContainersFlexible Bottom Containers

As one of our most attractive clear tube packages, these plastic tube containers utilize a durable PVC bottom insert that will not crack or split even under tremendous pressure or impact. In fact, they have the highest impact strength and impact absorption in the industry and are perfect for protecting delicate items or holding sharp, heavy objects.

With one end permanently sealed, select from a variety of caps or plugs to close the other end of the clear plastic tube. NOTE: Not all styles of caps and plugs fit every tube.  An "X" in the chart below let's you know which caps or plugs are available for the size tube. Just follow across the row. 

The sizes that are stocked and ready to ship are designated by an image of a shopping cart in the Buy column of the chart below. Check the Stock Length column to see the length that is stocked. Caps and tubes may ship separately.

All tube sizes can be produced to custom lengths. Please call to inquire if you need to learn more about cost-effective, made-to-order tubes. 

If you can't find what you need, view other container options or submit a request for free samples. VisiPak has a team of experienced design engineers ready and willing to offer you guidance. Call us for more information at 800-949-1141.

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