Rigid Bottom

Rigid Bottom ContainersRigid Bottom Containers

As one of our most attractive retail packages, these plastic tube containers utilize a PETG rigid bottom insert that seals one end of the tube while a colorful cap or plug completes the package. Select from a basic cap or plug or, choose a functional hanging style design. The tube and bottom insert are made from PETG making it a fully recyclable. The clear property of the PETG material makes this an excellent choice for a retail package.

The chart below shows both stock and production sizes. Determine the diameter needed and, if an image of a shopping cart is in that row, it can be purchased online. Be sure to check the Stock Length column. For caps or plugs, X marks the spot to show the available options. It is important to note that not all styles of caps and plugs fit every tube. Caps and tubes may ship separately.

All tube sizes can be produced to custom lengths and samples are free. Please call to inquire if you need to learn more about cost-effective, made-to-order tubes, or want free consultation.

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